Experience unparalleled communication solutions with the Ericsson-LG IP Enterprise Communication Server (iPECS) IP Telephony line, tailored to meet the diverse needs of SMBs and Enterprises. Trusted globally with thousands of successful installations, iPECS empowers dealers with a versatile, cost-effective IP solution, boasting robust margins independent of pricey subscriptions and maintenance agreements. Available exclusively to select dealers across the U.S., iPECS stands as a pinnacle of innovation and reliability.

Backed by over five decades of telephony expertise, iPECS emerges as the foremost distributed, pure IP communication system, seamlessly integrating IP telephony with advanced voice mail, multimedia, mobility, and Unified Communications applications. Crafted by Ericsson-LG, iPECS features a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and scalable architecture, supporting a wide array of intelligent IP, digital, analog, or SIP endpoints. With flexible virtualization options for remote deployment, iPECS ensures business continuity.

iPECS boasts a multitude of competitive advantages, from easy installation and intuitive user experience to unparalleled scalability, accommodating businesses of all sizes and growth trajectories. Its intuitive design facilitates seamless utilization of advanced features such as ACD, emergency response capabilities, and versatile mobility options, enhancing productivity without adding complexity to the infrastructure or overhead costs.

Support for iPECS businesses is reinforced by trusted partners, Presence Management, and Ericsson-LG, committed to delivering quality support and maximizing profitability. Our dedicated sales and support teams equip dealers with the necessary tools for successful sales and installations. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with third-party developers offer industry-leading applications catering to various vertical markets, including feature-rich call center solutions, hospitality, healthcare, education, and integration with Microsoft platforms such as Exchange and Teams.

At Presence Management, we prioritize simplifying your journey through the pre-sales and post-sales phases of selling iPECS. Our Dealer Program offers:

    • Streamlined dealer pricing for quick and accurate quoting.
    • Ericsson-LG’s renowned design and manufacturing excellence ensure high reliability and customer satisfaction.
    • “Fast Lane” product feature development keeps iPECS at the forefront of IP innovation.
    • Minimal startup costs with a practical stocking investment.
    • Exclusive application-oriented iPECS training, including classroom and web-based options.
    • Full-service training center in Dublin, OH, with regional off-site training available.
    • Complimentary pre-sales configuration assistance.
    • Professional Demonstration toolkit with live demo support.
    • Cost-effective installation assistance via phone or on-site.
    • Responsive post-sales support from our in-house technical team.
    • Controlled dealer placement to bolster dealer margins.
    • Large deal registration process and special discounts for competitive advantage.
    • Discounts for Government and Education sectors.
    • Built-in Call Center and Reporting package options for large-scale applications.
    • Multi-tiered voice mail and IVR solutions.
    • Customized “Managed Care” customer support services to boost profits.
    • Generous equipment warranties for enhanced dealer profitability.

Our commitment to our dealers is to ensure iPECS remains the easiest system to install, support, and the most profitable communications and data product line available today and beyond, for the lifetime of your clients’ systems.