iPECS eMG100

Simple and Cost Effective yet Reliable and Powerful Communications

It’s time for unified communications (UC), the transformative tool that integrates all your business communications into one place. Here’s the cost competitive and simple platform for small and midsize businesses to help connect better, boost efficiency, and move your business to the next level.
  • Best-in-class hybrid for analog, digital and IP technologies
  • Single cabinet for basic and expansion KSU
  • Equipped with all RJ45 interfaces
  • Max 214 ports – 74 trunks/140 EXT.
  • Wall or 19 inch rack mounting

Cost effective hybrid platform

It’s a cost effective hybrid platform that supports IP, digital, analog, and UC devices, so you can work from any device with any technology. When looking for a communication system and value for money comes as the main decision-making factor. iPECS eMG100 provides many built-in solutions that will maximize your return on investment. TDM interfaces, built-in VoIP and VM capacity with emergency alarm and relay and paging features are all embedded as default. Compact design, single cabinet with many of the communication features included out of the box. Enjoy your best-in-class hybrid communication system with iPECS eMG100.


Simple single cabinet

With a single cabinet solution it removes the hassle of carrying multiple cabinet types for your communications solution. iPECS eMG100 comes as a single cabinet that can be wall mounted or 19-inch rack mount depending on your requirements. All ports are equipped with a RJ45 interface to have universal compatibility. Whether you are looking for series of capacity upgrades, complete hardware expansion or technology upgrade from TDM to IP, this single cabinet simplifies your solution options. Add an additional license to connect another iPECS eMG100 cabinet to simply double your communication power


Reliable multisite deployment

We provide multi-site deployment with a local/branch system that supports local suvivability (LCM). Centrally connected and managed, your communication system is secure and reliable. In case of a network failure, local servers will take over the operation to securely manage the local communication system. Backup connections to the local PSTN network can also be used as a last resort. Avoid downtime with automatic fail-over between sites, so that your clients can reach you whenever they need.


Easy installation and simple management

Transition seamlessly to a new system that doesn’t disrupt. IT managers can breeze through initial installation, and quickly customize settings for easy management. The user-friendly interface is consistent across devices, keeping training times quick. Simple software installation makes the initial settings effortless. Multiple levels of user-friendly administration tools also add value for easy management. Web-admin helps IT managers to easily customize their workflows and manage the real-time operation locally and remotely. The ‘Web User Portal’ allows end-users to easily personalize their communication needs from anywhere and anytime on any device such as their desktop, smart phone or tablet.



Prepare for growth

Be prepared for expansion, with a seamlessly scalable communications system. It’s easy to add capacity, along with all the features you need for easy expandability. Take advantage of the business communications platform that adapts to your requirements.


  • 2 user license included for iPECS UCS / iPECS Click Call
  • 4 VM and 2 VoIP channels included on basic KSU
  • 32 IP EXT. Included and expandable up to 64 EXT.
  • 32 Mobile EXT. Included and expandable up to 140 EXT.
  • ACD, Audio conference, VM to e-mail notification are included
  • Relay, alarm, paging and MOH are included

Rich business applications

iPECS eMG100 provides a various range of business applications and mobile clients to fulfill varying needs and requirements in the small and medium sized enterprise environments. It also offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries.

Out of the box Unified Communications

As the most compelling advantage, advanced business communication features are provided by default. Users can improve business efficiency and productivity with embedded UC features including real-time voice, video and presence enabled instant messaging under a single user interface on any device.

Tailor to your needs

All businesses are different. Whatever makes you distinctive, pick the applications and integrations you need to connect better and deliver more. Choose from the many add-ons to meet your specifications from our suite of products or from compatible 3rd party solutions with easy integration. iPECS eMG100 provides a cost-effective way to use existing solutions by using universal interfaces such as Web API to provide compatibility.

Out of the box premium features

In addition to embedded UC with iPECS UCS, TDM interface and VoIP channel capacity, premium features are also included in the basic package. For efficient internal and external communications, the system has an Audio Conference Bridge and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) default to increase your organization’s productivity with no extra cost. Use the audio conference bridge for daily group call meetings up to 13 participants with max 40 simultaneous conferences. Using the built in ACD will provide a better customer service allowing all call to be answered and routed to the proper departments, providing real time monitoring and supervision, as well as call statistics and ACD event messages for management reporting.

Aspire to be mobile

By embracing VoIP technology, you can benefit with the enterprise grade mobility of the iPECS eMG100 that is maximized for mobility solutions. Whether in the office, warehouse or in a factory IP DECT provides reliable communications even in the high demanding environments. For more personalized mobility and for outside office the iPECS UCS brings the power of a desk phones into smart-phones or tablet PCs. In addition, the Mobile Extension (MEX) feature is provided for seamless communications and ease of use for calls to be seamlessly and easily moved back and forth between desk phone and mobile. Be professional with one-number service from any device in any location. Utilize iPECS mobility solutions and take the office with you.

Applications for Business Performance

Make your communications efficient with our full suite of business applications. Build smarter work-flows for better collaboration with time-saving solutions powered by iPECS. iPECS eMG100 offers communication add-ons as a competitive differentiator that makes your business more agile and flexible.


IP based productivity-boosting enterprise UC
  • Integrated presence and IM, SMS continuity
  • Voice and video call & conference
  • Click to call and call control on your PC for your call devices
  • Call recording on any device
  • CRM integration support
  • Directory service/phonebook management
  • Organization chart

iPECS Attendant Office

IP based Attendant application for receptionists

  • Handle calls easily with simple click or drag & drop
  • Wait time and priority based call handling with caller information
  • Call park, paging, and e-mail for multi-purpose call handling
  • Presence monitoring for all devices including phones and clients
  • Embedded IP softphone : Desktop call control mode supported
  • Directory service/phonebook management

iPECS Attendant Hotel

Hotel solution optimized for small to medium sized hotels

  • Effective front desk and staff work
  • Night service or emergency mode
  • Maximize guest service
  • Effective call management
  • Productivity features :
    1. Various Hotel features
    2. Various and quick alternative contacts
    3. Flexible and configurable layout and user interface
    4. Statistic report and Snapshot of group monitoring
    5. Local language support

iPECS ClickCall

Standard windows application to make dialing a breeze

  • Click to call from any selectable number in Windows application
    1. Show previous dialed call log, up to 10
    2. Exit/Setup through the icon in Windows tray
    3. Setup dialing information
    4. Multi language support
  • Call control client without voice module
  • Easy installation : Simple call client without dedicated server


Browser-based multi-channel IP Contact Center
  • Contact Center solution integrated with iPECS platforms
    1. Multi-channel inbound and outbound contact center
    2. iPECS CCX IPCR is provided for a call recording
  • Benefits of all software solution
    1. Software based media processing through SIP
    2. No PSTN media interface card
    3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    4. Monitoring and report
    5. Agent’s desktop software
  • Next generation single multimedia solution
    1. Email, Voice Mail, Fax, Web chat
    2. Social networking with Facebook and SMS server
    3. Multimedia outbound Tele-Marketing


Cost effective single server IP Call Recording solution
  • Powerful value added features
    1. Voice packet encryption on call recording
    2. Real-time monitoring and recording
    3. Remote maintenance and automatic alarming
    4. Single server for all terminals
  • Intuitive user interface
    1. Users can easily access the recording files over web browser
    2. Powerful statistics features with real time graphic view and search options
    3. User based access level management with intuitive GUI


– MS Lync/SfB Integration

Cost effective solution to use iPECS voice in MS Lync/SfB
  • RCC Mode for desk phone call control solution: MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client and desk phone
    1. Remote call control for iPECS desk phones in iPECS RCCV Client
    2. Desk phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence
  • VC Mode for SIP voice : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS RCCV Client
    1. iPECS RCCV Client as a SIP extension
    2. No iPECS RCC Gateway needed
    3. MS Lync/SfB calls for MS Lync/SfB clients
    4. iPECS RCCV Client soft phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence

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