Contact Center Solution

iPECS CCS (Contact Center Solution)

Smart All-in-one, Smart Customer Service

iPECS Contact Center Suite is a multi-channel Contact Center solutions package for SMB. Its multiple channels in comprehensive all-in-one solution provide seamless connections for your smart customer services.

Ericsson-LG branded IP Contact Center Solution

As the Ericsson-LG contact center solution, the iPECS CCS has seamless and tighter integration with iPECS-LIK and iPECS-CM. In addition, with valuable packaging with other Ericsson-LG applications, your contact center agents and staff are able to fully utilize the benefits of Unified Communications, mobility or other performance enhancement applications.

Single, All-in-one Platform

  • Managing telephone, E-mails, faxes, SMS, web call back, call-back in queue, Web chat, Social Networking
  • Different rules for each media or channel
  • Virtual server support for multi-functional servers
  • Agent use the same iPECS CCS DESK agent for multi-media call handling

Cost Control

  • Modular architecture for flexible, scalable and cost effective configuration based on the requirement
  • Cost effective bundles for initial installation
  • Easy addition of modularized functions in options
  • Lower TCO
  • No need additional server for cards
  • Use HMP(Host Media Processing), no dialogic card
  • Less maintenance with no hardware and less servers
  • Prompt respond and real time business rule change with easy self creating Call Flow Design tool
  • Easy and intuitive tools reduce training cost
  • Self service automation reduces bottom line cost

Simple and easy to use

  • CFD(Call Flow Design) for business process set up provides pre-defined best practice Call Flow Sample, simple drag and drop tool, and real time changes without needing to learn complex administration or script.
  • Easy project management for customers & partners allows company to develop its own templates, and faster implement and reduce chance of error.
  • Drag & drop call control
  • Flexible and intuitive Dash board and reports
  • Messenger type of CCS Desk agent



Manage your customer enquiries more efficiently whether by phone, E-mail, text, web chat, or even Face book and Twitter. The flexible and easy call flow and business process design tool make your Customer Service and Multi-channel contact management simple.


Link your most important tools – the PC, inbound and outbound telephony control and internet media. Your contact centers can create advanced business efficiencies with simple and easy to handle and manage mutli-channel contacts and with inbuilt CRM integration.

iPECS CCS Report

Business reporting module delivers historic and current information on a compa¬nies business communications, supporting better analysis and decision making. All businesses need to live by the laws of efficiency, speed and great customer service. Creating exceptional value with the highest effectiveness is the goal and it is through measuring performance that businesses can ensure they meet these critical benchmarks.

Optional Modules


The outbound Tele-Marketing & Call Center solution that will revolutionize the way you do business. ERICSSON-LG’s innovative software combines your telephone and information tech¬nology, to deliver the best results from your telemarketing campaigns.


Provide your customer with exceptional service by enabling web chat Instant Mes¬saging and link your website to your sales and support teams.

iPECS CCS Social

Offer your future communication for customer contact management meeting the needs of Today’s customers.


A powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Engine and Management Module de¬signed to offer very sophisticated features with a user configurable interface that uniquely provides a IVR designer tool in a flow chart design. The CCS IVR Designer tool allows for advanced users with no devel¬opment experience to be able to configure and administrate their own IVR systems and processes.

iPECS CCS Record

A powerful and flexible Voice Recording Solution with optional integration to desktop applications such as Outlook or your Customer Relationship Management System(CRM) or Database.


The ability to send SMS via an external SMS Gateway

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