Call Recording Solution

iPECS IPCR (Integrated IP Call Recording)

Smart All-in-one, Smart Customer Service

iPECS IP Call Recording(IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS Call Servers optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centers.
IPCR is designed as a simple and cost effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features. iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management. Since implementing IT functionality within a limited budget can be a major concern for smaller business, IPCR delivers an all-in-one cost effective system on a single standard server. It offers low total cost of ownership as it can be deployed quickly and easily, maintained either locally or from a remote data center, and supports all type of terminals registered with iPECS-LIK. Even for small business, the features they requires are not so different from the needs of large business. With iPECS IPCR, powerful value added features including voice packet encryption, local survivability, remote maintenance and fault alarms as well as basic monitoring, statistics report and more are available to your business. IPCR also offers flexible deployment as part of distributed architecture of iPECS systems. Particularly, conversations of remote branch, home office and road warriors can be recorded, monitored and saved either in central server or local server based on the business requirement. Up to 10 iPECS Call servers can be registered in a IPCR server and up to 10 IPCR servers can be registered with a single iPECS-LIK. You can easily access recording files over an IE 7 web browser. Intuitive Graphic display such as Icon view on agent status and graphs on system related performance are provided as well as real time graphic views of various statistics with many search options.

Robust Features

  • Single server for recording all terminals
  • All call recording and On demand recording
  • No additional hardware or cabling required
  • IP, digital and SLT extension recording

Remote call recording

  • Record calls to remote branch, home office, road warriors
  • Conversations are saved in a central or remote servers
  • Remote packet trans-coding and relay via VOIM
  • Multiple codec selection depending on network condition(G.723/G.729)
  • Up to 10 systems register and record to a single IPCR server

Distributed recording

  • Traffic balancing employing local IPCR servers
  • Local traffic saved in local servers: Regional agents, local conversation
  • Local survivability
  • Up to 10 IPCR servers register and record calls from a single Call Server

Encryption enabled recording

  • Differentiated from port mirroring type with 3rd party solution
  • AES 128 bit or ARIA(Korean Government Standard) 128 bit
  • TLS applied for signaling encryption
  • Key code securely exchange between Call and IPCR servers

Search and play recordings

  • Web based search and play
  • Keyword search: period, hour, agent, DIC, incoming/outgoing
  • Directory search: group or agent selection
  • Built-in media player: play, stop, pause, marking, speed control
  • Server status and memory monitoring

Intuitive display of statistics

  • Usage statistics graphs: table, bar chart and line graph
  • External calls, internal calls and average talking time
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly data and per agent data
  • Web display and excel file downloardable

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